Home Inspection

A house is a large investment. It is more than a shelter and a place to live. It is where a family gathers to celebrate special occasions and where children grow up. For most people, a house is the cornerstone of their life where lasting memories are made.

Home inspections pay for themselves in savings. Things like safety hazards, poor structural designs, water leakage in basements, and spoilt appliances can end up costing buyers a lot of money. A home inspector can spot such defects and save buyers these expenses.

Termite Inspection

Controlling termites in your home is very important. Termites can cause serious damage to the foundation of your house which will cost you more than you can think. Also, termite inspection is not just about ensuring your house is in top condition, it is also about the safety of the foods you consume and overall health. Thus, hiring professional termite inspection service will benefit you in more ways. Paying a normal fee can cost few hundred dollars per year. But, it can cost you thousands of dollars for repairing your home if carpenter ants or termites go unnoticed. If you do not know how to inspect for termites nor know what are the signs of carpenter ants, consider termite inspection service. Companies that provide termite inspection services know exactly where and what to look for in your home, and the cost you will pay for their services is nothing more than pennies in comparison to repairing termite damage.

Radon Testing

Radon Testing in your home is an important procedure that you should have checked by a professional. One of the main reasons to have your home checked for radon is because it is a leading cause to lung cancer among non-smokers. The level requirement for your home must be 4 picocuries per liter or below. Radon develops because of the air pressure and temperature differences between the home and the air outside. For example; when air is vented from homes by natural or electronic ventilations, radon and other soil gases are drawn in from the surrounding soil through openings between the house and the soil.

Septic Inspections