Carl Whalen

Ian Trefzger was our inspector and he so informative during the entire inspection. He was very professional, friendly and made me feel like my family mattered during the entire process. He was so thorough that he even found termite issues a well renowned termite inspector missed in the attached garage of the home. With this being our family’s first home, we wanted to pick an inspector that would leave no stone unturned, and after reading the testimonials, we knew we were picking the right man for the job. Thank you Ian! Not only did you help with easing our minds with our selection for the first home, but you even helped us make a smooth negotiation for deficiencies to be repaired without feeling as though we were being unreasonable. The Seller agreed to what we needed done that they could handle, and now we will be progressing to close on the loan in 37 days because of your thoroughness in your inspection. I would highly recommend any and all people that can get this man to inspect your home either pre-listing or when posting an offer on a home. You will NOT be disappointed by any means!

Jessica Geraci

Ian is an excellent inspector, especially for first-time-buyers! He did an inspection for our house in May and we were more than pleased with his timeliness with scheduling, attentiveness to phone calls/e-mails, and AMAZING patience with my Father-in-law who came along for the inspection and was on Ian's heels at every turn. The inspection report was prepared the same night with quality pictures and descriptions of needs/concerns. If you are looking for someone who is competent AND treats you like family taking the time to break down the process, explain all the concerns and instill a sense of confidence in your home's condition - Ian is an excellent choice. Thanks again for everything!

Anna Freeman

I can't thank Ian enough! He is absolutely amazing. Today's market is hot! Ian was great about working out his busy schedule with our busy schedule in the time frame allotted to get our inspection done. Communication is key and Ian didn't miss a beat when answering phone calls, texts or emails. Ian was extremely thorough while doing our inspection and made sure to take the time to explain in great detail as he went along. He gave honest and genuine feedback throughout the entire inspection (about 3 hours). Ian had our inspection report to us the same night (within just a few hours). The report he sent had awesome colored pictures and was detailed with what he found (good and not so good). He made it very easy for us to follow by putting what needs to be fixed in red ink. I love that he summarized his recommendations at the end of the report which made it even more easy on us when deciding what to request to have fixed. Ian goes above an d beyond what is expected of him! I will recommend Ian to anyone needing inspections in the future and know they're in great hands! Thanks, Ian!


We cannot be more happy with Ian and his inspection of the home we are purchasing! Ian just inspected our home today, and I was so impressed I am already writing this testimonial.

We did an investor's inspection, and Ian was more detailed than we could have imagined. It is obvious that he genuinely enjoys and cares about his work. I am a first time homebuyer, and Ian was so patient and thorough in his explanations. Not only was Ian educational and complete, but a genuine pleasure to work with! His website says that he treats the inspection like he's buying a home for his family, and I completely agree with that statement! Ian is professional and personable, scrupulous and conclusive! We highly recommend Ian and IPA Inspections to anyone buying a home!


Ian was awesome and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him!


We highly recommend Ian from IPA to do your home inspection. We recently purchased our first home and Ian did a great job on the inspection. We were there for the inspection and he explained everything he was doing and looking for and made us feel very confident that we had chosen the right home. After a few hours of thorough inspection he went over any concerns he had and gave us suggestions on how to address them. Ian took lots of pictures of the home, including the attic, chimney, roof, etc. which were all included in the report with detailed information for our viewing/records. Not to mention the report was complete and sent to us that same night.

Ian is a very friendly person and easy to talk to. He made this stressful process very enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone and we will definitely be calling him again for any homes we buy in the future.


We could not be more pleased with Ian's work during our inspection. Purchasing a home is a big undertaking, and Ian's inspection made us feel very comfortable that we made the right choice. The detailed inspection report (with pictures) was a great way to review any issues that needed to be addressed.

In addition to the great work Ian did during the inspection, he offered to come back and verify that the electrical issues he discovered were corrected to his satisfaction. Ian is very professional and easy to work with. His timely responses and genuine care for his clients is evident from the minute he walks into the home. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a quality inspector!


Ian was so great to work with when I was going through the process of purchasing my home. He took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything in detail. He went above and beyond! I just cannot say enough about how great it was to work with Ian and I would recommend him to anyone who is purchasing a home.


Ian is AMAZING! He gave me so much confidence, and enthusiasm, for the home I ultimately purchased! I appreciated his common sense explanations about the inner working of my home, and trusted him to let me know the clear areas of concerns, as well as the simple fixes. He goes above and beyond...from his thorough report with photographs, to being easy to reach, and easy to like! Thank you, Ian!


Ian is fantastic! He is easily one of the most hard-working professionals that I have met. He has done two inspections for me in the past, and both times the results helped me to feel more at ease with my purchase. I feel much more comfortable knowing Ian has looked through a house because his work is so meticulous. He explains all of the results of his inspection, and didn't mind me nosing around and asking questions while he worked. His reports are prompt and easy to understand, complete with clearly labeled pictures. I recommend him without reservation.


Wow! We highly recommend Ian Trefzger and IPA Inspection for as smooth, unbelievably thorough, and educational home inspection process! My wife and I were present for the 4 hour home inspection, which felt more like brief 50 minute lecture from your favorite, most engaging teacher in high school. Coming from a person that is the opposite of "handy" around the house, I found Ian's ability to explain what he was doing / seeing in simple terms incredibly helpful. Not only did he help identify some potential problem areas, but he explained the root causes and how we could help prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future. The entire process has left us infinitely more confident in making this big investment, and in our ability to maintain the property going forward. And, in case we might forget some of his coaching, the inspection report he provides at the end of the service comes complete with pictures and his notes that will be a good reminder. If you go with Ian, you're not just getting a great inspection - it's an educational experience that will serve you long into the future!


Ian did a recent inspection for a home we are purchasing while living in another state. My wife and I could not have felt more at ease based on Ian's expertise, thoroughness, and ability to explain the issues. Since we couldn't be there in person Ian took great care to explain all of the issues he found as well as provide general estimates.

What was really helpful though was the actual inspection report afterwards. There were tons of high quality photos with detailed descriptions. It really put us at ease buying the home, and it was a great start for creating my first to-do list! I would recommend Ian to anyone else buying a home.

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